Gorilla Heavy Duty Axle for 08-12 RZR800 Rear (Left or Right)

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It's common knowledge that OEM parts were made to be JUST strong enough to get the job done. That's exactly why Gorilla Axle created a SUPER-STRONG Gorilla Duty CV Axle to pick up where the ATV manufacturers left off. Along with being much stronger than their OEM counterparts, Gorilla Duty Axles can take up to 40 degree angles which makes them PERFECT for riders looking to install extended suspension lifts or oversize tires! Usually, after a lift in installed, stock axles are at their weakest point and cannot withstand the constant strain of the added stress of the angles. In time, this causes increased weakness...and eventually...breakage, stranded riders, and embarrassment! To handle the extreme angle caused by suspension lifts, the Gorilla Duty Axles have a uniquely designed, patented upper cv joint allowing them to articulate especially well compared to stock parts. However, being able to operate at high angles is only HALF of the special features offered by Gorilla Duty Axles. In order to withstand the extreme stress of high horsepower motors and SUPER-AGGRESSIVE oversized tires, Gorilla Duty Axles are made of 4340 Chromoly Steel, one of the industry's strongest steels, which is then machined to a precise fit for your quad! They are then heat-treated and cryogenically treated to ensure their absolute strength and durability. Covering the CV Joints are heavy duty Neoprene Boots filled with Lucas Oil Xtra Heavy Duty Grease to make sure the axles keep running as smoothly as when they were assembled even in the harshest riding conditions. Gorilla Duty Axles are assembled by hand in the Gorilla Axle Headquarters, located in Monroe, LA to fit the particular make and model needed by our customers. Gorilla Duty Axles come complete with a one-year limited warranty against breakage.
  • Model: gor002
  • Manufactured by: Gorilla

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